Biologization is key
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You what's really cool? Roadrunners. I think they're the closest living thing to a living Velociraptor I've ever seen. They run around being sneaky and eating lizards.

I looked up a roadrunner raptor and I am now the happiest ever to exist


(by Thomas Boatwright)

It's pretty legitimate to not teach Australian children that spiders are harmless. My childhood home contained at least 3 species of spiders that have fatal venom.

I feel as though in Australia it is 110% a better idea to teach children to have a healthy fear of anything that moves. And most things that don’t move. Just to fear everything.

i have phesants in my backyard :D

I LOVE PHEASANTS SO MUCH I am super jealous. 

(I’m not sure why I love pheasants, but it’s PROBABLY just because I loved Danny The Champion Of The World as a kid. Fact.)